We pride ourselves on hosting the most edge DJ’s in Mainland China and Hong Kong. Over the last year and a half we’ve hosted many of the most influential and forward-thinking DJ’s in the region, including:

  • Yao (XXX, Hong Kong)
  • Blaise Deville (Shelter, Shanghai)
  • DJ Siesta (Phreaktion, Shanghai)
  • Deadlock (Rankadank, Macau)
  • Blood Dunza (Heavy Crew, HK)
  • DJ DSK (Unity, Kunming)
  • DJ JCC (Chaos, Guangzhou)
  • The Unik (Chateau Bruyant, France)
  • Drunk Monk (Shelter, Shanghai)
  • DJ Enso (XXX, Hong Kong)
  • Conrank (Rankadank, Shanghai)
  • DJ Fu (London)